Orford General Store
Orford General Store

The Windy City

After nearly two weeks trying to drink weak hot pond water which loosely masquerades as coffee, I have found a lovely indie Coffee Shop in Chicago.  This is Paul, Proprietor of Toni Patisserie.  The husband and wife team opened  their shop last year and have invested all their savings in the site which prides itself in making the best proper coffee using locally roasted beans.  Paul tells me that even in such a cosmopolitan city like Chicago, great coffee is only just now starting to become established.  We are so lucky in the UK have to have loads of brilliant barista’s and some half decent chains (even Starbucks is better in the UK).  If you are ever in Chicago look up this joint and support a fledgling business. www.tonipatisserie.com. Please please support your independent coffee shops!

Throughout my trip I have been eeking out the best I can from the stodgy carb, fat rich food available.  Here are my top rants from the trip: 
* Bread (sweet, soft and tasteless.  Walmart 5 out of 10 for attempting to deliver something passible as a french loaf)

* Whipped butter (why???)

* Sweetened wine (the grapes were once great, but have been obliterated)

* Bacon (where does all the back bacon go?)

* Motorized trolleys in Walmart (they have developed special motorised carts for overweight people to ride round the store pushing a huge shopping trolley)